5 Things I can’t live without

I for sure start to notice trends in the things I use most often. It changes from time to time but there are a few staples that over the years stay basically the same. The 5 things I can’t live without are pretty much the same for most people but I always love seeing these types of posts from other bloggers.

5 Things



1. Madewell Transport Tote: I purchased this back in February and I use it almost everyday. What I love about it is the leather is soft and so classic and it holds everything you need. It’s a perfect everyday bag as well as perfect for travel. I have the exact one pictured above with my initials on it.

2. Nike Free: I have a few pairs of these but the ones pictured above will ALWAYS be my favorites! I love this combo of colors and the shoes are so comfy! Perfect for working out and just wearing to run errands.

3. Starbuck errr coffee in general: I have been a daily coffee girl since 2004! Yep 11 years later and I can’t kick the habit and I really don’t want to. I need my lattes everyday and if I do not have it I am a cranky girl! I don’t go to Starbucks everyday, I usually make a latte in my keurig rivo but I do love a Starbucks treat!

4. Lip Balm: Need it! I use it all day errday. EOS, soft lips and la mer are my favorites. I usually have several on me at all times. I am known to not leave target without at least one new one.

5. iPad: I have a 4th generation iPad and I am contemplating trading it in for a mini. But I do love my iPad. I use it for meeting with clients, reading books and general internet browsing. Honestly any of my tech items are needs daily but my iPad is the one I use for the most things.


What are 5 things you can’t live without?

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