Neely Lately

I can’t believe the end of April is this week. It’s crazy. This year is going by SOOO fast. Since my blogging has been a little sporadic with the move I figured a Neely Lately post was in order.

First things first we moved. Duh. We moved to a cute house in the suburbs and we love it. It’s taking a little getting used to because it’s more space and things are still not completely put together. We haven’t hung any art or pictures on the walls but other than that most everything is unpacked which is nice.


My sweet mom and dad helped us all weekend. My mom was here Friday helping unpack. It was great because the day before our move I got super sick.  She also sanded and stained our porch swing. It looks SOOOO MUCH BETTER!


My dad tore up the flowers beds and redid the mulch and planted all new flowers. He also bought us flowers for the porch.

I love the cute coffee set up in the kitchen. It’s nice to have a bigger kitchen where we can use all the things we got for our wedding.

Love being able to sit on the porch and have a beer or a glass of wine. It’s sooo relaxing and aside from a few days of rain the weather has been excellent.


I got a much needed post move mani/pedi Sunday morning and enjoyed a Starbucks and read a new book.

One of my best friends just told me she is expecting a sweet baby girl this Fall and another great friend just got engaged so there is a lot to celebrate. We are so blessed with so many wonderful people in our life.

The week before we moved Andrew had a work trip to Orlando. I was originally going to go but when we knew we would be moving the next week I decided to stay back to pack. I asked Andrew to find me a fun Disney mug and I would say he delivered knowing my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.


I hope that my blogging is a lot more regular starting today :)

What’s been going on with you lately? 


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