5 Things on Friday

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5 Things on Friday this week….


1. In Houston: A and I are currently in Houston visiting his family and doing some wedding-y things and some celebrating of both our engagement and his dads birthday. Fun fact: I met his parents almost exactly one year ago when we were here celebrating his dads birthday! Crazy! Hoping to see some of my fav bloggers while Im here too!

2. Padigram: My fav new app for my iPad its seriously the best Instagram app ever…you need it..trust me!

3. These Kendra Scott earrings  are my favorite earrings in the world and I constantly feel like I need them in more colors…someone stop me….



4. These awesome New New Balance shoes making their way into my closet….yes they are super rad



5. The end of How I Met Your Mother…this is not a good thing I am sooooo sad. There are only 12 more episodes and then its over :( I cant wait to see how it ends but I know I will go through such a sad withdrawal period afterwards. I hate to see so many of my favorite shows ending. Not to mention earlier this week finding out Newsroom was canceled. Sigh…

Whats been going on with you this week?


  1. says

    News room being cancelled just sucks! My husband and both really love that show! I freaking love those earrings! I’m no help…. because I totally think you should get them in more colors! You have to coordinate with outfits!

  2. says

    Love those earrings, nice to know I’m not the only one that tends to buy every color. (oops)

    HIMYM will be a national withdrawal I’m sure. We’ll all grieve together, promise!

  3. Lexie says

    I love the new layout. I adore those earrings. For me this week it is al about moving. its been a very busy week, have fun I Houston.

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