Sometimes You Need A Push

Tracking PixelGrowing up I remember thinking that you just got a job. You went to school, you went to college and a job was waiting for you. Even as I went into college I never thought it would be at all difficult to procure a job. I was wrong! I remember how difficult it was for me getting my first job out of college and this was before the Internet was as helpful as it is now. Making connections on and offline are extremely important. I am working with Fifth Third Bank to give you guys some details on job coaching and the importance of having someone in your corner to make sure you land an interview and hopefully that job!


Did you know for every job there is to apply for, on average 200 people apply for that job*? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could have someone help coach you through the job searching process? Starting with crafting your perfect resume that will grab the attention of everyone to walking into the interview with confidence. Fifth Third can help with that. Fifth Third Bank is giving away $1 million of one-on-one job coaching from expert coaches at NextJob, a national employment company (each prize is worth $1,000 each). This is such an invaluable prize that will teach you long lasting skills you can use for the rest of your life.

Every week, 80 winners will be matched with a professional NextJob coach to help them get the job they want faster and more effectively than going at it alone. The coaching is completely virtual and includes things from interview prep and coaching, help finding the 50% of available jobs that aren’t even listed online* and resume editing. They will also help with career testing and personality testing to help find opportunities you may not have ever considered for yourself. Also a look at your Linkedin and twitter profiles to ensure your social media is job ready! The scheduling is completely flexible so don’t worry about not having the time.

Here is how to qualify: Tweet why you deserve free one-on-one job coaching from NextJob. Use #BrandofYou and #53enter. You can enter 1 time per day. Up to 80 winners will be selected per week until July 20.

Fifth Third is also hosting a Twitter event where NextJob coaches will provide real time feedback on resumes and interview question responses. On the Twitter event date, Fifth Third Bank will award up to 50 job coaching opportunities. Event details here:

The job hunt game can be tough and while you have the support of people around you having additional support form Fifth Third Bank will help you land that dream job you’ve always wanted!

53_Curious_Lockup_Final_RGB_v This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fifth Third Bank

*Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts

June Favorites

I can’t believe June is almost over! I wanted to share my June Favorites today and show you all the things I have been loving this month! Oh and this is my 2000th blog post! What?!?! How is that even possible. 5 years, 6 months and 14 days. WOW! So that is obviously a favorite but moving on the the actual June Favorites.

June Favorites



1. Covergirl The Super Sizer mascara: Covergirl sent me this with a bunch of other goodies a while back and it is the only mascara I used the entire month. I will for sure be rebuying this. It is amazing!

2. In the Unlikely Event: Hands down my favorite book I read this month. I have waited for a new Judy Blume book for a long time and I devoured it in 2 days. It’s a really beautiful story and I highly suggest it.

3. Lululemon tracker shorts: I have about 8 pairs of these and I have been living in them all Summer long. They are beyond comfy and great for working out and running around.

4. Bando Tumbler: My future sister in law also has one of these and we both can’t get enough of them. I probably fill mine up about 5 times a day and take it everywhere. Perfect to stay hydrated in this crazy heat.

5. Alex and Ani bracelets: The people at Alex and Ani generously sent me 3 of these and I love them so much. They are perfect to wear with any outfit and the three I chose are perfect. I got the N, positivity and energy. They look fabulous with any outfit.

6. Ray bans: I only have rayban sunglasses and I have 3 pairs. I may have an addiction but the gold ones have been my go to lately. They fit really well and just feel summery to me.

7. Tory Burch Wristlet: There are days I just dont want to deal with a purse. Especially if I am not driving. So I love this because it holds the things I need: phone, cards, cash, ID, gum, a hair tie, chapstick and a lipgloss. Yes that all fits in there! This is perfection!

8. NARS creamy concealer: I picked on of these up at the Makeup Show Dallas a few weeks ago and it is hands down the best concealer I have ever used. My friend Meg told me about it and I really didn’t see what the fuss was until I used it. OMG!

9. Orbit Gum: This is an always favorite. Really the only gum I ever buy and I go through phases where I want gum all the time or not at all. This is an all the time gum.

10. Softlips chapstick: Best. Chapstick. Ever.


What are your June Favorites? 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Andrew and I knew we wanted to do a weekend away this summer but not anything too far as we have a few vacations coming up to California and South Carolina. We had only been to Austin together once and it was for a wedding so we didn’t get to do too many Austin things. Knowing that we decided to take a trip to Austin for a weekend coming up. When trying to figure out what we were going to do I was chatting with someone very helpful and she told me about the “Choose your own Austin Adventure” way to do things! I was so excited! Growing up the choose your own adventure books were some of my favorites so I loved the playful way of figuring out how to plan our weekend. We already knew we were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin so the next thing to figure out was activities such as food, shopping and tourist attractions. I love how interactive this site is from things like “cocktails on the lawn” to “breakfast tacos” to “shopping on South Congress.” There is no limit to the combinations of fun activities. I found so many new places I had never heard of before!

I am so prone to going places and seeking out old favorite restaurants and hang outs. I am not so great at being adventurous and trying some place new. I took to the module above to help me plan the perfect weekend away in beautiful and fun Austin, TX.



I love the choices on what kinds of things we would want to do. If we are feeling like some live music, some cocktails or getting dressed up for the Austin night life all of those options are there!


We are really looking forward to checking out the s’mores kits available at the hotel and sitting out at the fire pit at the hotel after dinner.



I really had no idea where we should go for breakfast each day and I knew I wanted to get out in Austin and check out some fun coffee shops. So clearly you know I picked option 2.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Austin without heading out shopping to The Domain or South Congress. But if you are in a museum mood or interested in seeing the capital you can get all of that info here too!

The module is really helpful in trip planning and I highly suggest checking it out for your next trip to Austin! I can’t wait to show you guys what we decided to do and report back after the trip!!


Thank you to Four Seasons Hotel Austin for sponsoring this post and partnering with me!


A Confession

I have talked many times on the blog about my struggle with my body. I have never felt comfortable in my body and I have never been OK with the way it looks. I have small boobs and huge hips. I have a butt. I have tons of curves and they are completely not proportionate with the rest of my body. When I gain weight I gain weight in my stomach, hips and butt.

I know a lot of women put weight on after their weddings. “Happy pounds” I have heard them called. I knew about this way before we got married. Before our wedding I lost a ton of weight. Some on purpose some not on purpose. I was at my tiniest on our wedding day weighing in at 117 lbs. My dress had to be held up by A LOT of double stick tape because it fit perfectly at my final dress fitting 2 weeks before. I usually average around 125-130. I am five foot seven so this is completely in line with my BMI. On our honeymoon in Hawaii I finally felt like I could eat again and the weight wouldn’t drop because of stress. So I ate and ate and ate without caring about working out.


Then the holidays came and things like monkey bread, pastries etc just looked so good. I also wasn’t as strict about working out. Back in March I got back into pure barre during the 20 in 31 challenge and thankfully I have kept up with going at least 3 times a week since then. But when we moved in April my eating habits tanked. I no longer was making green smoothies everyday. I was eating 3 meals a day out because we were back and forth working on the new house. I was eating horribly and not exercising and generally felt terrible. I hate that sluggish feeling after you stop eating healthy and working out. The lack of energy is awful.

I broke down over the weekend to Andrew. I hated the way I looked in pictures and just didn’t want to take pictures. I wasn’t taking pride in my appearance either. Summer of 2010 I completely changed the way I ate. I stopped eating processed foods, fast food, and really logged what I ate. I also exercised 6-7 days a week. Even before the wedding Andrew and I were going for walks almost every night after dinner.

So I am putting this on the blog because I want to be held accountable. I am going back to my old ways starting yesterday.

These are the goals I have for myself:

1. Eat nothing processed

2. Green smoothies/juices daily

3. More veggies, less carbs

4. More lean proteins

5. 5-6 solid workouts a week

6. Nightly walks/bike rides after dinner

7. Feeling confident in my body


I know it won’t be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is.

I hope everyone has a good day!

The Best Weekend

This past weekend was hands down the best weekend in a long time! I can tell because I am exhausted, run down and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Andrews brother and his fiancee came into town Friday to stay the weekend with us and we started right out by going to the truck yard for some beers! I love a lonestar in the summer :)

Then we went to dinner at Victor Tangos for my favorite passion fruit gimlets and carnitas tacos! I love having people in town because it’s a great excuse to go to fun restaurants and now think about calories.


We stayed up for a while chatting and hanging out before going to sleep.

I was up super early Saturday because I was too excited to sleep. We all had coffee and hung around for a bit before getting dressed and heading to brunch at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District. Brunch was yummy with some sangria and waffles. Then we ran to lowes and to get ice and headed home to set up for our house warming party. As you know we bought a house a few months ago and we knew that we wanted to have a party when the weather got warmer. It was such a blast having all of our friends over. I made Sangria, Texas Caviar, and baked beans. Krystal made cookies an Andrew grilled hot dogs for everyone. We also had chips and salsa, fruit and veggies and I am pretty sure no one left hungry!

Everyone was so sweet to bring us such nice gifts and I was blown away by the generosity! More so I was blown away by how many of our friends wanted to come celebrate our new house with us. I love throwing parties so it was great to have so many of my favorite people around. We also played A LOT of corn hole!

IMG_9900 IMG_9898 IMG_9896 FullSizeRender (50) IMG_9907 IMG_9906 IMG_9904 IMG_9908 IMG_9920 IMG_9916 IMG_9913 IMG_9910 IMG_9930 IMG_9929

Everyone left around 11 and then we all cleaned up and headed to sleep.

They left early Sunday morning and Andrew and I spent the day trying to get the house back in order and napping before heading to my aunts to celebrate Fathers Day with my family.

I love weekends where I get to see almost everyone I love. My face hurts from laughing and smiling so much!

Oh and I got the sweetest surprise from Krystal when she asked me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding this Fall. Andrew is the best man so I am sure that it will be a really fun wedding!

It really was the best weekend!

How was your weekend?

Favorite At Home Workouts

I am not one who loves working out at home. I prefer group fitness classes or even the gym to at home workouts. If I do workout at home I would rather go for a long walk, a run or a bike ride with Andrew. But there are days where getting out of the house to the gym or the barre studio does not happen. In that case I tend to seek out at home workouts. I wanted to share my favorite at home workouts with you guys!





(the one above I do 2 times a week at least)





(This one is GREAT for a sweaty workout at home while watching TV)



(This ab workout is amazing)

I hope you guys found some new workouts you can do at home. At home workouts are great because you need very little equipment and you can still get a great workout in! Remember to stay hydrated!

What’s your favorite at home workout?

A Smarter Indulgence

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow all opinions are that of A Complete Waste of Makeup. Thank you for supporting the brands that make A Complete Waste of Makeup possible. 

Making time for myself is one of the hardest things I deal with. I’m not talking about 20 minutes before bed when I read for a little bit because that’s really not time to myself. I mean having a solid hour(or more) here and there to just relax with a book, watch a favorite movie, go on a walk, maybe give myself a mani/pedi and relax with some delicious indulgences. For me I am always trying to find a smarter indulgence. A way that I can indulge myself without the guilt that comes along with it.

I wanted to share with you my favorite 3 ways to have a smarter indulgence.

Pamper yourself: Do an at home face mask(my favorite is from origins) or manicure and while you are letting the face mask or your nails set in enjoy some yummy goodness while reading your favorite magazine or a fun new book. The caramel divine filled chocolates from Skinny Cow are my personal favorites. The sweet chocolate taste with gooey caramel is so amazing you will forget it’s guilt free.  This is a great way to take care of your mind, your skin and treat yourself to something very decadent without the guilt.

DSCN0850_web DSCN0851_web


Enjoy some time outside with a cool drink: I love taking morning walks while listening to music or a podcast. I love drinking coffee while I do this and with summer in full swing here in Texas the Skinny Cow creamy cappuccino creamy iced coffee is the perfect indulgence to take on my walk with me. Pulling it out of the fridge in the morning and grabbing my phone and headphones to cool off and get some me time in is the best feeling. I love the sweet but not too sweet taste and the refreshing feel. It gives me a ton of energy to tackle my day.



Enjoy a favorite chick flick: This is a good chance to curl up on the couch in my pjs with a blanket, and some ice cream! My current favorite ice cream to have a smart indulgence with is the Skinny Cow ice cream bars! There are three new flavors (ALL NEELY APPROVED). They are vanilla almond crunch, double caramel swirl and triple chocolate ripple. I think the vanilla almond crunch is the current favorite in this house. I won’t lie there are nights where it’s a race to the freezer after dinner to snag one. Recently I curled up to watch 27 dresses and enjoyed my vanilla almond crunch! Such good me time.

There are so many ways you can have me time and these are just a few of the ways you can enjoy some time to yourself with a smarter indulgence.

What are your favorite ways to treat yourself to some me time?



Thanks to Skinny Cow® Ice Cream Bars, Creamy Iced Coffee and Candy, our secrets can all be a little sweeter. Follow Skinny Cow at:

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow all opinions are that of A Complete Waste of Makeup. Thank you for supporting the brands that make A Complete Waste of Makeup possible.

Holy Grail Products: Skin and Hair

Last week I shared my holy grail products for makeup with you guys and today I wanted to share my holy grail products for skin and hair!

Holy Grail Skin and Hair



1. It’s a 10: I know this is super popular now but my hair stylist gave me a sample of this about 8 years ago! I love it and I have used it religiously everyday since. It makes my hair super soft and keeps it a lot less damaged from the flat iron I use daily.

2. Loreal Eye Makeup Remover: I have used this product for over 10 years. I very rarely use any other eye makeup remover. I have extremely sensitive skin and this never drys it out or irritates it.

3. Neutrogena Hydro boost moisturizer: This is a new to me product in the last few months. With the insane Texas heat making my skin sweaty and oily this is really helping keep irritation and acne at bay.

4. Aveda Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner: Another product set I have been using for years. The hair salon I go to is an Aveda salon and so obviously I am partial to Aveda hair products. I love the clean feeling this gives my hair. of course all shampoo and conditioner make your hair clean but this really leaves it feeling new.

5. Origins charcoal face mask: I picked this up at Origins a couple of months ago and this has really really helped my pores. Again with summer here and the heat just doing a number on my skin this has made all the difference. I use it once a week I love the way my skin feels after.

6. Wet Brush: Get a wet brush. I am telling you, you will thank me. I have a small for travel and a large and they are AMAZING! I love the way my hair feels after I use them. Perfect for summer!

7. Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Straight: I put this on my hair along with the It’s a 10 every time I wash my hair and dry it and it cuts my drying time down a ton and leaves it super straight!

8. Tweezerman tweezers: THE BEST TWEEZERS OUT THERE! I keep a pair in my purse and I believe I have 3 others roaming around. They are super precise and the best tweezers I have ever used. I highly suggest getting some.

So those are the products I recommend getting if you are in the market for some new amazing holy grail products in your life. These won’t let you down.

What are your holy grail products?