Hey! It’s OK

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I used to do a linkup every week called “It’s OK Thursday” I miss it. So I figured sometimes I would randomly post my “It’s OK” type posts. Yes these are just like the ones in Glamour magazine.

It’s OK…

To burn Fall scents and use pumpkin type things long before Fall

To prefer to spend time alone when you are in a mood

To look forward to your workout everyday

To watch Netflix while working out

That some of your favorite shows are meant for people younger than you

To embrace and love snapchat…even if you’re 31

That it took me all these years to discover adding cinnamon to my latte is the greatest thing

To start to really love cooking

To order things from amazon you could easily run to Target for

That my first stop at Target is ALWAYS the $1 section

To hate hot weather and warm weather

To like Bachelor in Paradise more than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

To feel pleased with myself when the entire house is cleaned

To re-love pinterest …hey come follow me 

To love the flexible kind of work life I have

To write posts like this somedays


What’s OK with you today?

10 Things I Believe

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Today I wanted to share 10 Things I Believe In:


1. I believe in doing unto others: It’ one of the first things we learn. Be nice to people if you want them to be nice to you. Treat others the way you yourself wanted to be treated.

2. I believe in Sunday naps: Sundays are a day of rest right? So why not actually rest. I like to call my Sunday naps EPIC SUNDAY NAPS.

3. I believe that books are always better than the movie. Seriously find a case where I am wrong. Happy to listen.

4. I believe in long walks. They usually produce great thoughts, ideas and in the end you feel better than when you started out.

5. I believe that hearing children laugh makes you happy. It is impossible to be sad around happy kids.

6. I believe that writing is therapeutic. There are so many times I write be it in a journal or a word doc and just write till I feel better.

7. I believe that coffee is essential to my good moods. Yes it’s a fact.

8. I believe in doing things even when you do not want to: working out for one.

9. I believe that times with best friends always makes you feel more grounded and more like yourself.

10. I believe in love. The all encompassing kind.



What do you believe in?

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Hey friends and happy Friday! I wanted to share this weeks Friday Favorites with you all. I hope you are excited for the weekend and have tons of fun things planned!


1. Presents are wrapped: Well most of them. I was in a bad mood yesterday and wrapped most of Andrew, my parents and friends gifts .

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2. Friends Weddings: Going to a good friends wedding this weekend. Lynn and I met through blogging several years ago and I am so excited to celebrate with her!

3. This heartwarming story: I’m sure a lot of you remember the first surviving set of septuplets. I can’t believe they are 17! Crazy but I love this video!

4. Cowboys winning a 9th regular season game for the first time in 4 years! Need I say more?


5. Marc Jacobs lip gloss: SO amazing! I just picked some up and seriously its so beyond moisturizing. Quickly becoming one of my favorite lip glosses for Winter!


What is something on your Friday Favorites list? 

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my moms birthday. I am so blessed and lucky to have such an amazing mom as my role model. My mom is smart, funny, beautiful, strong, resilient, and one of the hardest workers I know.

She owns her own business and showed me how easy it was to start mine and continuously shows me how hard one needs to work to make themselves successful.

My mom is full of spunk and always made sure birthdays were a big deal growing up. I wanted to take today and have everyone wish my amazing mom the happiest of birthdays!


A few of you have met her :) She’s fab no?

Happy Birthday Mom


I love you mom!

Glorify Celebrity Deaths

I never want to write this post but Im honestly getting tired of it. Im tired of seeing perfectly good lives thrown away by drugs. Yes its an addiction and its a disease all that crap. I have my opinions and they come from a different place.

I have grown up nearly my entire life with a sister who is a heroin addict. So when I get online yesterday and I read that one of my favorite actors has died of a heroin overdose I just lose my shit.

Why? Why throw away that kind of life and career for heroin? What did heroin do for you?

Then we all get online(and I am guilty) and we glorify his death. We say how amazing he was which is true, we say how sad it was which is also true but we dont say how terrible it is that he threw his career, life and family away for heroin.

Its a disgusting drug(as they all are) and it tears your life apart. I know this first hand as I saw what it has done to my sister and my family.

I did not watch Glee so when the actor from that show died I thought the same things.

Same with Health Ledger, Michael Jackson etc. Its sad. Its a lot of talent just gone.

We all sit here and we glorify it.

Take this for what it is. It’s just my opinion. Im not here to start arguments and get in fights. But like I said I have spent most of my life around this addiction and its frustrating to see it first hand then see people glorify it.



Soda Stream New Brand Ambassador

I was given a product to review for my post, however all opinions are my own.

Bold Centered

Im sure you’ve all heard of Soda Stream before but did you know Scarlett Johansson was just announced as the international spokeswoman for the company! She is a Tony winner and 4 time Golden Globe nominee so its really cool that she is now the brand ambassador! She truly believes in living a healthy life and healthy body image. She is also a long time user of Soda Stream as well as someone who really cares about the environment.




SodaStream empowers consumers to create their own carbonated beverages at home, just the way they like them. SodaStream soda mixes are available in over 100 flavors, and generally contain 2/3 less sugar, 2/3 less calories, no high-fructose corn syrup and no aspartame. With an innovative re-usable bottle, the SodaStream system drastically reduces the waste created by plastic bottles and cans; a true revolution in the way people consume carbonated drinks. The company is confident that in her role as Global Ambassador, Johansson will help consumers embrace home soda making as the future of the beverage industry.


Do you own a Soda Stream? Do you love it?

An ode to Wedding Planning

I will admit I was one of those girls who thought you get engaged and then magically wedding planning is super easy. Oh I was wrong.

Now granted certain things have not been difficult for us because our parents are very supportive and helpful but there are just so many details and I constantly feel as though I am forgetting something.

We have the date set and the venue booked. We now also have the Photographer and DJ booked as well as the Rehearsal dinner spot booked. We have asked all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen as well.

But take the dress…no clue what kind I want.

So many options and styles. Tell me that choosing a dress was this hard for everyone? I watch that say yes to the dress show and want to throw things at the TV because seriously those girls make me mad.

Then there are things I forget like cake toppers, first dance songs etc that seem impossible to pick.

I love A and Im so excited to get married but I wish there weren’t so many decisions.

Also I think I spend more time pinning things than actually making decisions….

Yeah I feel better now.

I hope you enjoyed my rant :)



5 Things on Friday

Hey guys I have never done this link up before but its a new year so why not try something new and fun?


So Here are my 5 Things on Friday or 5 Things going on with me this Friday :)



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1. Wedding Planning: Has basically taken over a large part of my life. Our couch is covered in wedding planners and magazines and we are meeting with photographers, DJ’s etc all the time but yay we booked a venue…..and set a date!
OCTOBER 11th, 2014!
2. Youtube videos: I have been obsessed with watching fashion and beauty videos on youtube OBSESSED! It has inspired me to start doing more videos on my blog so stay tuned!
3. Daily inspirational quotes to start my morning…
4. Journaling…different from blogging. More personal …more me. More for my introverted self :) Loving it.
5. Oscar movies: So far loving American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club the best. Next on the List Philomena and August: Osage County.
What are 5 things going on with you?