Get Organized

Notice anything different around these parts? ACWOM got a bit of a facelift!

New Year always means a time to get organized and make sure that you are on top of things! This can mean school, work, home, personal whatever. Even at almost 30 years old I love office/school supplies and any chance I can get to get some new ones I take it! I wanted to do a post and include the ones I use most to stay organized and stay on top of things and show you what my current favorites are.

Get Organized

Kate Spade Organizer/  Kate Spade Paperclips/ Tory Burch iPad case/ Le Pen pens/ To Do list notebook/ Kate Spade Pencils/ Gigi New York Desk Organizer/ Longchamp Tote/ Design Darling Acrylic Pencil cup

Having a good solid work bag is important to me especially because when I leave home and go work at Starbucks, or the park etc I need something sturdy. I love the Longhchamp and I also love my LL Bean boat tote and my Friday and Sunday totes!

Im also a huge planner hoarder! Right now the Kate Spade and Emily Ley planners are my favorites! Yes I use more than one planner…its a problem. I also have tons of notebooks for blogging, wedding stuff, book stuff, and to do lists as well as all the crazy ideas I get.

Having great pens and supplies is important to me too. I love le pen pens! I highly suggest checking them out!

What are your favorite ways to get and stay organized? 


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    I NEED those paperclips! SO cute! I am in the process of organizing my life! It’s fun, but time consuming (and in the end SO worth it!) I LOVE your new blog design! :)

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    I bought a maybook a few years ago and rarely used it! I must be one of the only bloggers ever who just uses google calendar like it’s going out of style. haha. PS oh hey new blog design

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    I love planners. I currently have two. I have one from a high school I substitute teach at. It’s really handy having a planner that lists all the school’s activities, days off, etc…It also has the student handbook in it, which I occasionally reference. I recently picked up another small one to use for keeping track of blog posts, since I don’t want to display my blog posts in my work planner.

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    I am most def a paper product hoarder! I have been using the Lilly Pulitzer planners in the past and decided to give the Erin Condren planner a try this year and I am in love!! I def need to invest in a good work bag as well..Im always that girl walking into barnes and noble with a million things in her hands.

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    Beyond obsessed with the paperclips and Kate Spade striped planner. I’m an Erin Condren fan through and through and I totally use color coded stickers to keep my days straight.

    Love the new blog design!

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    Love those Kate Spade paperclips. I am an organization junkie, so I think I may need them.

    Here from our SITS Girls tribe to show my love & support. Started following your feed via Bloglovin. Super stoked to have met you!


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