It’s OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another round of It’s OK Thursday with Amber and myself!

I can’t believe its the last day of January….come on 2013 slow down a little!!!

It’s OK….

That I was really nervous for the first #TrendyonTwitter party Tuesday night and Sarah had to talk me off the ledge…so glad it went well

That I forgot to take my Celexia til 1 PM yesterday…never happens

That I had no idea the superbowl was this coming Sunday til the Today show told me…once the Cowboys are out I stop caring

That A and I have bought far too many tickets for Comedians, concerts, and musicals already this summer…our weekends are so booked!

That I am counting down the days til the quadruple date weekend of the year with Steph, Sar and Sarah my besties!

That I got up to the starbucks yesterday and for a split second forgot my order….talk about lack of sleep

That I am semi dependent on falling asleep with the TV on when Im alone

THat I should never watch Datelines on kidnappings before bed…see above

That I spent over $150 on makeup last week….oooof

That I am very aware I spread myself too thin…oh well….it all gets done

That I EEEEKED in a good way when we booked our flights for San Diego…so excited to explore a new city

That this is my motto

What’s OK with you Today???

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  1. says

    I have to watch TV til I fall asleep when I am sleeping alone. I get too anxious. I’m so excited for your trip to San Diego!! Let me know if you want any recommendations on places to eat things to see. :)

  2. says

    I’ am finding out in many ways that I’m spreading myself too thin…but it won’t stop for a long time I’m sure! Vacations are fun, yay for going on one!

  3. Lexie says

    I have always lived alone and never watch tv to fall asleep . I read and or just go to sleep, never a problem.. I cannot stand TV on at night as I am a reader. I LOL at your Starbucks moment as I have done that , the clerk rolls their very imature eyes at the customer in back of you and that person looks at you like your a dunce, I never watch sports (hate them) my Mom and I called it the (stuipdbowl) of that dumb game! cannot imagine watsting time sitting watching people that are paid way to much throw a silly ball around a field. Yuck!

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