She’s not me but I love her and you will too: Meet Kay

I know I’m no Neely, so I will keep this short and sassy sweet :)
I’m Kayla… known on my blog as “Kay”
I love:
pink, chocolate chip cookies, a good love story,
heart to hearts, & a nice cold beer (or wine… or tequila…)
I’m a grad student studying for my Master’s in Social Work that likes to dabble in blog design.
I’m married to John.
He’s my bestie.
We met in a dungeon-like college basement during a fierce game of beer pong.
He taught me how to dougie (yes, this is for real).
and I was a goner.
He really just compliments my weird.
We have a baby toddler 15 month old.
His name is Jack.
We call him Bubba.
He’s 28 pounds of sass.
I blog about our life as a family of three.
I love to laugh.
I believe in growing every day.
And I think that crazy can be all kinds of beautiful.
I hope you will stop by for a little laughter :)
P.S. I’m giving 20% off in my shop to A Complete Waste of Makeup readers until 12/31.
Email me (lifeafterblog[at]gmail[dot]com) and mention this post to claim the offer!


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